Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Still alive

I am still alive...promise!  I am afraid this week has already chewed me up, spit me out and then kicked my ass.  Twice. But let's backtrack here...
So this last weekend, I celebrated my 31st birthday.  Thirty-one.  Really?  When did this happen?  Anyway, I spent my actual birthday, which was Saturday, with T and Aubrey.  We were going to go downtown and walk on the canal, but it was cold and rainy so we just sort of hung out and relaxed at home.  Got some good quality Aubrey time.   We went to Kohls so I could get some new shoes, and then T and I got to actually go on a real, bonafide date.  It was so much fun, and believe me, we needed it.  One of my best friends watched Aubrey for us so we could go to dinner at Buca di Beppo.  Love the food!  We had a small feast, enjoyed a bottle of Chianti, and finished it with some cannolis.  Perfect birthday. 
So I was hoping these good feelings would carry on into the week.  However, on Sunday I started noticing bug bite marks on my foot, and they itched like no one's business.  And they started to spread.  And by Monday morning, the itching spread to my hands.  Uh-oh.  Hand, foot and mouth disease had hit Aubrey's daycare last week, and we did notice a few spots on Aubrey's body but none on her feet or hands or mouth.  So I talked myself into believing it was a rash or allergic reaction.  I had to because I had a huge grant presentation at lunch time.  So I stopped by the CVS Minute Clinic and received the fun news that I had hand, foot and mouth disease.  And was highly contagious.  And shouldn't be around people at all.  That left me in tears in the CVS parking lot scrambling to contact my Board and resurrect this presentation.  It couldn't be postponed.  By the grace of God, everything worked out, and I was able to participate via conference call.  Whew.
I did go to my family doctor to confirm the diagnosis.  And it was confirmed.  As the afternoon progressed, the pain in my hands and feet got worse and worse.  I stayed home today, barely able to walk because of the sores on my feet and unable to do much because of the sores on my hands.  I'm still having a really tough time walking, but at least I can type.  The tough part is having to be careful around Aubrey.  I wear gloves when I help bathe or feed her.  The doctor seems to believe Aubrey had a very mild form of the virus that causes hand, foot and mouth, and I got it from her.  I hope that's the case so that she doesn't then get it from me.  Oh, daycare...
We'll see if I go to work tomorrow, as I'm not sure if walking is a viable option.  Suffice it to say...this hasn't been my week.  I'll do my Motivation Monday post next week because I have kind of fallen off that for this week.  No exercise at the very least!   Alas....here's hoping the rest of the week goes a little more my way!


  1. First, happy birthday! I'm glad you and T had such a good time.
    Second - ouch! I've been lucky so far, in 14 years (yikes!) of parenting this nasty illness has eluded us. Hope it's 100% gone soon!

  2. Oh I'm so sorry, that is awful! Get well very, very soon & Happy Birthday!!

  3. I'm glad your birthday was good, at least! I love Buca. I daydream about it sometimes. Ok, not really, but it doesn't help that they keep sending me ads and coupons. Hope you feel better soon.

  4. Yuck, that stinks. Sorry, babe. I hope it goes away quickly!


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