Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th!

Happy 4th, everyone!  I love this holiday for several reasons - one, it's always a fun one with cookouts and fireworks and what not, but also because it's a very special day for T and me.  See, three years ago today I answered the most important question I have ever been asked.   Today was the day I said yes to sharing my life with T forever.  And it was the best and easiest decision I have ever made. 

It's funny because today couldn't be any more opposite than what it was like that day.  Today it's nearing 100 degrees in the middle of a major drought.  Two years ago it was actually pretty chilly, which is unusual for Indiana this time of year, and rainy.  I had this whole special day planned out for T for his birthday (which is Monday, by the way!).  We were going downtown for lunch out, walking around downtown, going to a baseball game, watching the fireworks and staying downtown.  I was totally bummed that it was raining because, well...there went our plans to walk downtown and probably for the baseball game.  But T kept reassuring me that it was going to be a wonderful weekend.  I didn't realize he had his own special plans for how it would go. 

I guess two weekends before the 4th of July, he approached my Dad and asked his permission to propose.  This is so sweet.  I love that he did this because it really shows respect towards my Dad, and it's just so cute.  Of course, my Dad said yes.  He was supposed to keep it a secret, but no one in my family can keep a secret.  Basically when you tell anyone in my family something, it may as well go on the CNN ticker within the hour.  So, of course, by the time the weekend came, every single person in my family knew.  Well, except me.  I should have realized something was up when my Mom was so insistent on us coming up for a cookout on July 5th.  And she was SO nice to me, too. 

So, that day, after we had our lunch, we went for a walk in the rain to the monument downtown.  Despite my hesitancy to walk in the rain, T insisted that we take a walk.  So we walked around, and when we got to the monument, T took my hand and said he needed to ask me something.  I said what, and he asked "will you marry me?" pulling out a black Tiffany's box.  I gasped and immediately said yes and of course, in true Nain fashion, started crying.  It was like time stood still in that moment.  I held him and didn't want to let go, as we stood there under that red umbrella, the rain falling around us.  I never felt so happy in my entire life.  (Well, at that moment, of course...the wedding and hearing Aubrey's cry for the first time would soon trump that feeling.) 

Three years later, and I still get that feeling when I think about that day.  T was was a wonderful weekend.  And I've never looked back....



  1. Oh, I love this story! John asked my dad first as well. I don't even think my dad gave him a chance to finish asking, he just waved his hand in an "I get it, you want to marry Jennifer, sure just take her" fashion. Usually, he's not so flippant, but he was sure about John being right for me before I was!

  2. So cute! Such a great story :-) Happy Anniversary!


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