Friday, July 13, 2012

Random Nain Musings

Brain dead.  That's how to describe me today.  I pulled a 12 hour working day, working the office and then working five hours at a county fair booth, promoting my agency.  I didn't get home until around 10:00 p.m., slept and got up at six.  After showering, of course, because I am so not the fair type, and the fact that I was around so much livestock just grossed me out.  But still...this all equals to one exhausted Nain, and the idea of working 8 more hours just doesn't appeal to me.  BUT, it must be done.  And I'll be bringing more work home with me this weekend, so....all work and no play makes Nain a dull girl.  And a tired one at that.  So my point here is that you will be getting random thoughts from me today.  It's random Friday, folks!  Just because I can!

1.  I am trying to eat healthy.  And fair food does not promote that.  So I was that girl who brought Jimmy Johns with her to the fair.  Yep, and I'm damn proud of it, too!

2.  I swear to God I'm not pregnant, but my mind is sure gone.  Yesterday, I got all the way to the fair, sweated like a whore in church, set up the booth only to realize, shoot, I forgot our agency banner.  So I had to trek back to the office, where I got the banner.  On my way out, I stopped in the restroom and put said banner on a sink.  I then left and got all the way to my car before I realized I forgot my banner so I had to go all the way back in.   Doh!

3.  The other day I went to work with some of my employees.  I told them I'd drive.  When we started walking to the parking lot, I realized that, no, my car was not there since T drove.  It's a good thing I figured this out before we started wandering through the parking lot searching desperately for my car that is not there. 

4.  I swear, I am NOT pregnant.

5.  The other day, I got tired of the depressing music on my Adele Pandora station so I switched to my 80s pop station.  After I jammed to "Come on Eileen," Usher's "Yeah" came on.  Seriously, Pandora?  That isn't even remotely close to an 80s song.  Pandora really let me down.  Of course, they did then redeem themselves with a little Asia, but by then, the damage was done.

6.  This weekend we will be introducing Miss Aubrey to yet another food.  She's a big fan of her sweet potatoes and carrots.  Because of her new love for this food, she has now refused to eat cereal for us.  She blows bubbles/raspberries whenever I give her a spoonful of cereal, then spraying it all over the place.  So on Saturday I'm giving her squash.  It's so cute to watch her eat because she just gets so happy about eating this stuff. 

7.  Am I a bad mother since I'm not making baby food myself?  Why is that so many people are doing it out there?  I mean, it's good and all, but if you read the ingredients on the jars, all they have are the vegetables and water.  That's no different than what I would make, and it's so much more convenient. 

8.  All of this work and overtime has given me very little time to do Mary Kay stuff.  That's not cool because I do need to make some money to help pay for costs incurred.  Anyone want to buy some Mary Kay? :-)

9.  I have never seen so many mullets in my life as I did last night at the county fair.  Mullets everywhere, I tell you!  Everywhere! 

10.  My little girl has grown so much that her six month clothes are starting to get a little tight.  The bad thing is once I clear out all of the six month items, we don't really have a ton of nine or twelve month items.  So someone may need to go shopping...and isn't it funny that I no longer shop for myself?  Target trips are no consumed by time in the kid's section.  Gone are the days of me perusing the women's clearance section. 

Okay, those are my random thoughts for the day.  Now I'm off to brew another pot of coffee so I can wake up here.  If it were possible to get a direct IV line of coffee into me this morning, I would go for that.  However, I'm not sure where I could get an IV bag and needle at such late notice.  Damn. 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 


  1. yes, you are a bad mother because you don't make your own baby food. hahaha!!! If that was the measure by which I was judged CPS would have been at my door in a flash! And now seeing as how I hate to cook and not very often make dinner for my husband, I expect APS at my door any minute!!! You hang in there, Nain - - it will all be ok!!

  2. First let me say: Hurray for C'mon Eileen! Hurray for Asia!

    Second: Forgetting things isn't pregnancy. It's age. Trust me, I'm much older than you.

    Third: Gerbers hasn't made money all these years off of bad moms.

    Finally, the only way I EVER find our car is to step back and let Laurie lead the way.

  3. The making your own baby food caught my attention too. I don't know what is up with the trend right now, but I think that is what it is... a trend. I do think it can save you money, and those who love to cook appreciate that they can still make something for their babies who can't eat real food yet. But don't think it makes you a bad mom to not do it. You're more the norm, for sure!

  4. I love NOT making baby food, Gerber has got this down, why mess with a good thing?? One suggestion though, I mixed a little cereal or oatmeal into the baby food, it made it more nutritious & thicker and less messy. I think they graduate past the blandness of rice cereal/oatmeal by itself once they hit the fruits & veggies.


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