Tuesday, July 10, 2012

We are back!

I wrote yesterday's post last week before we left town, and we got back from vacation Sunday evening...it was a lot of fun and a big adventure, let me tell you, and as much as we had fun, I think all three of us were happy to be home.  There's no place like home, and there's no better feeling than falling asleep in your own bed after being away for awhile.  And, in my opinion, you never feel quite clean enough after using a hotel shower.  Maybe it's just me...

Anyway, I promise to share pictures from our trip soon, that is, when I have time to post them of course.  This week is turning out to be a crazy one.  I have a ton of projects due this week for work...isn't that how it is, when you come back from vacation?  So let me apologize ahead of time if my posts are less than superb this week. 

I did learn a lot from our trip.  Traveling with an infant?  Man, it's tough.  Packing alone...there is so much more that comes with Aubrey.  Normally we could just throw a suitcase in the car, maybe two, and we're good.  Nope, this time I had to make sure all three of us had enough clothes, all three of our toiletries, Aubrey's bath tub thing, her towel and rag, her Boppy and an extra blanket because I will be damned if I put my kid on a hotel bedspread, her stroller, her pack and play, enough formula and baby food to last us days, a good supply of bottles, diapers, wipes, diapers for the pool, dish soap to wash said bottles, bottle brush, gas drops, liquid hand soap for after we change her diapers, bibs, sun screen, baby Tylenol (just in case)....a ton, needless to say.  Oh and all of the necessary items in a diaper bag, as well. Our car was full.  I felt so bad for the bell hops who helped us unload and load our car. 

But the one thing I forgot?  Stain spray.  I left my huge bottle of Dreft at home, and boy, that was a mistake.  It was one thing when Aubrey ate just formula.  White spit-up is relatively easy to clean up.  But she's into carrots and sweet potatoes, and we had orange over everything - her clothes, bibs, blankets, my clothes, T's clothes.  Sunday night, as I went through all of our dirty laundry, I pretty much had to spray everything.  Note to self:  bring stain remover next time. 

The other thing I learned - not every place is infant friendly.  We stopped at a Wendy's in Illinois on the way home, and little miss decided to have the third poop for the day, so I hauled her and the carrier with me into the bathroom, and what would you know?  No changing station!  I seriously wanted to cry right there.  And as I stood there, pondering whether to yell at management or just go out there and change her on the table where we were eating, some random lady goes "do you want me to watch her while you go to the bathroom?"  Yes, random lady.  Please watch my infant daughter while I look the other way.  That seems like a stellar idea.  I have no idea who you are, but yes, that sounds super.  Anyway, T and I ended up changing Aubrey in the backseat of our car...the worst diaper of the day, mind you...and left the diaper in the Wendy's dumpster.  It was an experience, needless to say. 

And every place we went to, we needed to plan around when to change her, when to feed her, and since St. Louis was in the pits of hell last weekend, at 108 degrees, we needed to plan around what was best for Aubrey.  So plans to explore the Arch were scrapped, as was swimming.  Your priorities change.  I didn't mind at all because all I wanted was to see her happy and smiling and safe.  But it's amazing how things do change.  Before, we would just go walking wherever on our own.  But now, we are so much more hesitant and cautious.  And you  have to plan ahead.  She comes first, you know?

Anyway, that's just a start to our adventures on vacation...like I said, I do promise to post pictures...I took a lot!  But until then, let me share these...the first is from the 4th of July, Aubrey watching Daddy finish is 6 mile race, and the second is of Aubrey on our last night of vacation.  She had fun, if you can't tell :-)


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  1. Great smile! Glad you're back and had fun :)


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