Saturday, July 21, 2012


Last week, I was reminded of a fact of life that, well, just kind of sucks.  Life is so fleeting.  It really is.  You should never take your life or those people in your life for granted because you just never know.  Life is so fragile. 
Last Thursday, my office lost a wonderful coworker and friend.  She was an employee of mine, and although I didn't get to know her for a long time, I felt so fortunate to get to know her when I did.  It was so sad.  She was only 63 years old.  My mother is just two years younger than that.  She passed away from a heart attack, and she was later diagnosed with congestive heart failure and renal failure.  Ironically, those diagnoses are what took my Grandpa.  She had a vacation to Reno, Nevada, planned.  She hadn't gone on vacation in years and was so excited for this adventure with her friend.  The day she got there, she was hospitalized with symptoms that were later discovered to be from a heart attack.  We've been waiting these past few weeks for her to come out of her coma, but it was her time.  And my heart just aches for her family.  I'll miss her smile and her happy spirit in our office. 
On Saturday, I received news from my brother that his and his wife's friend passed away suddenly from a brain cyst.  She was only 36 years old.  She was just fine, and poof, she was gone.  Not expected, no one knew she was sick, and before you knew it, she went home to be with God.  She has three children who will grow up without a mother, and my heart just breaks for them.  It's so hard to understand. 
And the tragedy in Colorado...those people were just going to a movie.  They had no idea what situation awaited them.  So many victims, so many injured...all senseless and just awful.  The youngest victim was 4 months old.  That's so close to Aubrey's age.  While she survived, thank God, I can't imagine the fear her family experienced in that moment. 
I'm a spiritual person, yes, and I have no doubt that all of these people have gone on to a better place and are in the Lord's hands.  But all too soon.  And you never know when it'll be that time for those you love.  So don't waste a second taking anyone or anything for granted.  Hug those you love extra tight and tell them you love them.  Appreciate the beauty of today because you never know what tomorrow will bring. 
My prayers go out to the families of all of these wonderful people.  And I'll be holding onto Aubrey and T just a little bit tighter tonight.

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