Thursday, July 5, 2012


So this will be my last post for the week, because....I'M GOING ON VACATION!!!   Whoo! 

We haven't gone on a real vacation like this since our honeymoon, and well....we need this.  This is a tradition we want to start for our family every year.  Even if we can't go anywhere glamorous, we want to give Aubrey those memories of our family going to new places and experiencing new things.  So this year, we'll be going to St. Louis.  I have to admit, I'm a little nervous about a four hour car ride with a four month old, but I think she'll do okay.  We'll pack extra toys and bottles, and if one of us has to sit in the backseat with her, then so be it.  So we'll be packing up the car Thursday morning and heading out on our little excursion.  It'll be hot, sure, but a lot of what we'll be doing involves indoor activities and just hanging out.  And honestly, I don't care what we're long as it's the three of us! 

I'll be back on Monday...and guess whose birthday it is that day, too?  T's!  So be sure to send him lots of birthday wishes because this is a big one!  He's turning the big 3-0! 


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