Monday, July 30, 2012

Keeping up the motivation

Motivation Monday 

Happy Motivation Monday, everyone!  Hope you all had a good weekend, and hope you're off to a good motivational start to your week.  Personally, I despise Mondays with every fiber of my being, but...T comes home Tuesday night so I'm actually happy about this Monday.  Because it means one more day until he's home!

Anyway, I've been pretty good at following my working out goals and eating right.  I have managed to work out one way or another for at least five days a week, running about 3 of them.  If T runs in the morning, then I do Taebo when I get home.  And Aubrey watches and just thinks it's hilarious.  Oh Aubrey, yes, Billy Blanks is hilarious :-)  I'm getting really into this running thing.  I've only run outside once because it's been ungodly hot out, but I've done pretty well on the treadmill.  I can now walking for for four minutes, run for six, walk for four, run for six, walk for three and run for seven.  I'm trying to slowly increase my running increments so that eventually I can run for a mile straight. 

At the same time, I have a mini marathon to walk in just over a month.  Yikes!  I think I'll get there, but finding time to do long walks is tough.  I did an hour and fifteen minutes this weekend, and I'll try to go even longer next weekend.  I'm guessing my time for the mini will be something over three hours, and I managed to do it before so hopefully I can do it again.'ll be interesting.  I do want to sign up for a mini in May next year so that I keep myself motivated.  Who knows?  Maybe I can run some of that one!  (Not the one in September, mind you...)

And the eating healthy thing, I'm working on.  Cutting down my alcohol intake, I've started drinking soy milk at night, eating salads for lunch and less sweets and carbs.  Sure I'm hungry a lot, but...I think my biggest problem is snacking when I'm bored or stressed at work.  Mind over matter, right? 

I won't tell my actual post-baby weight, but....I have lost about 3 pounds!  So that's progress, right?  My ultimate goal is to finally put away those maternity pants.  I refuse to buy new dress clothes for work.  So I'll get there...slow but steady wins the race. 

The biggest thing I really need to work on?  Drinking more water.  I bring three bottles with me to work, and I rarely get through even one.  I get so busy, I just forget to drink, which could be part of the reason why I'm starving.  T is always on me to drink, so that's something I will be working on this week, in addition to keeping up the progress. 

So that's my motivation this week...what about you?  Join in on the fun by writing a motivational post of your own, including the link to this meme and then copying and pasting your link to a comment on this post.  Super easy!  I think it's been ages since I've gotten some good motivational participation so jump on in! 

Have a good Monday, everyone...or as good of a Monday as you can!


  1. I just linked you up to my Monday Mantras Inspirational Linkup!!


  2. Eat more watermelon!! It's the best food ever. So hydrating & it's supposed to help with weight loss. I could literally live on the stuff.


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