Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter weekend!

So I have Easter pictures to share!  It was a pretty busy weekend, what with the race on Saturday and family time on Sunday, including mass and breakfast out just the three of us.  It was crazy busy.  But most holidays are, right? 
The weekend started early on Saturday with the Bunny Rock 5k.  You got your own set of bunny ears and shades.  Like cheap 1980s shades, which I will likely now wear for other races even though they were solely for fun reasons.  But hey, free sun glasses!
Mommy and Aubrey before the race, and yes, I ran with the ears on.  And rocking the 1980s shades.

We finished!  This is one of my favorite pictures, and seriously, these two could not look any more alike.  So cute...

And I channeled my inner Martha Stewart and made an Easter cake to bring to our big family gathering.  This is supposed to be pretty easy.  Two round cakes, one of them being used to cut out two ears and the last part being a bow tie.  Well, the cake was way too moist so when I tried to get the face cake out, it fell apart so I used a TON of icing to keep it together.  A lot of icing.  But ain't nothing wrong with that!

Look!  The Easter bunny came!  For Mommy and Daddy, too!  It's hilarious because we got each other chocolate and coffee.  And T got me wine.  Says something about where we are in our marriage, right?  We got Aubrey some Sesame Street toys, puffs and books.  She was pretty excited.

Eating some puffs.....

Playing with her new toys...Zoey and Abbie.  She now has a pretty complete collection.

We headed up for Easter dinner with my family, which included, of course, a photo opp with the cousins.  Getting five kids to sit still and look at the camera?  Not so easy.  Took a few takes...


Aubrey didn't get much of a nap at all during the day and everywhere is extremely hectic so she was wiped out when she got home, poor girl.  It was to bed an hour early, after a pitiful little bath and lots of crying.  But hey, she plays hard, folks.  


  1. So freaking precious! I love the picture of Aubrey and her daddy! And that cake looks delicious!

  2. Fun Easter weekend! Looks like you all had a good time.


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