Monday, April 1, 2013

Many motivations

Motivation Monday

Happy Motivation Monday, everyone!  It was a nice Easter weekend, but I could still use a few days.  I think even if I got everything possible that I needed to get done over the course of a weekend, I'd still want more time.  We had Friday off, so that was nice, and Miss Aubrey and I got to go on a play date with friends of ours.  I love watching Aubrey make new friends and explore.  It gets me all excited for this summer when we get to go to the zoo, the children's museum, etc.  But anyway....

I need motivation.  In lots of things.  So rather than just focus on one thing, I'm doing the random thing but motivation random.  Here goes...

I need motivation to keep up my training because I have another training run this weekend.  This one is 15k (9.3 miles).  It's the last really long run for me before the mini-marathon on May 4th.  We did an Easter Bunny Rock run this last weekend, and I finished the 5k in 34:28 (11:07 per mile).  That's my fastest pace yet.  The last race I did, I think I was somewhere around 11:22 per mile.  But of course, the 15k will be a lot slower, and all I'm focused on is running as much of it as I can and finishing.  Then I'll be happy.  So keeping up the running this week and training, that's one motivation.

Getting things done.  Home girl needs to get a list of things to do at work and actually focus.  I've definitely got a lot to do, but for the life of me, I can't just sit down and do it all at once.  I can't stop the things running around in my head.  So Nain needs to focus.  Stat.

Patience.  It's been trying lately, but with a toddler, being patient isn't something that's my strong suit.  So I need to remind myself of that every now and then, and I hope the patience fairy comes and blesses me with maybe just a teensy bit of patience this week with the lil' one. 

Focusing on what's important.  Despite all of the above, everything I need to do at home and at work, I need to focus on what's important.  Prayer, T and our Aubrey.  Last week, all of the prayer and positive focus that I made helped more than I ever thought it would.  It's hard to describe, but I did start to look around and see the things in my life that are blessings that much more.  And asking for help with the things I can't control.  So it doesn't matter how stressed I am at work, whether I miss a run or have a bad workout, whether I grit my teeth and try my best not to lose my patience with T or Aubrey, all of it is a blessing.  And no matter what, I will strive this week to focus on what is important. 

So those are my motivations for this week.  What are yours?  Here's to a great week and a quick one at that! 

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