Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend recap

So rather than completely retire Motivation Monday, I decided I'm not going to do it every week necessarily, but maybe every now and then as I need the motivation.  Of course, I always need it, but coming up with clever ways to write about it isn't always so easy.  So no post today.  Rather, I'll tell you a little bit about our full weekend.  So it started off with my Open House on Friday:
Or actually lack thereof.  No one came on Friday, which left me majorly bummed and questioning myself.  And only one customer on Sunday.  Yeah....kind of left Nain feeling a little sad.  And maybe just a wee bit on the discouraged side.   
T set up our new patio set, which we must use as soon as the weather warms up.  We have this awesome new patio just teasing us saying "hey, use me!  Oh wait, it's too cold?  Sorry!"  I'm dying to have a cookout and use the new fire pit.  Someday soon....

Over the course of the weekend, I developed an healthy obsession to something I swore I would never do.  Pinterest.  I caved and joined.  And wow.  I have never wanted to try more crafty ideas in my life.  I think I need a 12 step group, but it has done some good in the Sullivan household.  We are slowly becoming more organized.  Well, T was already there, but I've made it no secret that I'm somewhat less than organized.  So I tried a few ideas I learned from the amazingly "with it" people on Pinterest.  Organizing Tupperware lids with a CD rack? Genius!

And as a way to clear off our counters and kitchen table:  using a dish rack and file folders to keep things separated and organized.  I think this is T's favorite so far, because it drives him crazy when I just leave stacks of papers randomly at places to take care of later.  So we'll see how this system goes:

And last, a Pinterest recipe, that was actually really pretty easy and very good:

Yep, I have a new way to waste my time.  I'm obsessed.  For the remainder of my weekend, or rather most of my weekend, I had this attached to me:

A 30 pound baby.  She's walking just a little bit but she gets around more by holding onto this as she makes her way around the house.  And always to Mommy.  I swear, you should see my arms.  I have some guns, baby.  Lifting this solid mass of baby really is a workout.  And as much as this little girl is the cutest attachment you could have, it does wear on you after awhile.  We took her to mass Saturday night, and as soon as we got in the church she was fussing.  Not a good sign.  One hour later, I was about ready to pull my hair out.  Get home, feed her, and then she decides to reenact a scene from the Exorcist as we hit bath time and bed.  As I pinned her down in the tub, trying my best to clean her, she desperately worked her way out of the tub.  The award for the best dramatic performance while taking a bath went to Miss Aubrey as she rivaled actresses in Hitchcock movies.  Or rather, as it was in the bath, you'd think we'd live in the Bates Motel.  T was beyond flustered by the time it was over and she was asleep, and I sat there in her room, feeding her her bottle before bed in tears.  I swore this would be the one and only child we would have, though the next morning the feeling wore off.  A few glasses of Merlot later and checking in on her as she peacefully slept, it started to change.  But seriously.  That was tough.  Is it bad when you're ready to take your kid to daycare by the time Sunday arrives?  This is Aubrey after stealing one of the cookies from my open house.  I let her have the velvet (yum!):

She is a funny kid, though.  Hurricane Aubrey hits our living room on a daily basis, leaving toys strewn about across the floor.  And as she crawls from here to there, she does not crawl around toys or objects to get from Point A to Point B.  No, she crawls straight through them.  The shortest distance between two points is a straight line, right?  If I'm sitting on the floor, she will struggle to crawl over both of my legs to get to a toy.  Crawling across the kitchen floor, she scales both bars of the highchair, crawling underneath it straight to the window so that she can promptly pull on the blinds.  This can only mean one thing.  My child is training to be America's Ninja Warrior. 
So that's our weekend in a nutshell.  How was yours?  And hey, anyone want to come watch my baby?


  1. At least she's super cute, that seems to save Norah every time...

  2. I'm just hoping to never be a grandpa... especially now, lol!

  3. I'm sorry that your open house didn't go as well as you hoped it would... I totally get that discouragement, and I'm sorry.

    I'm also sorry you joined Pinterest. That MUST make me the only person still lagging behind and just not getting into it now...


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