Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hey, back off my kid!

Oh, it's started already....my child is one, and already she has a frenemy.  Dear Lord...
Apparently she and another baby in the room do not click well together.  I'm not supposed to know which baby it is, but I do.  And it is so sad, too, because the other little girl is too cute for words.  Seriously, such a cute baby and deceivingly sweet apparently.  And she's a biter.  And she's biting my kid. 
Now granted, children bite.  But this little chomper has bit my kid four times now.  Leaving two black and blues the last two times.  And the last time was unprovoked.  Just went right up to Aubrey, couldn't get past her so she bit her.  The first time...yeah, Aubrey pulled her hair.  So...yeah, I get that.  But come on.  It just breaks my heart when I see two little bite marks and a bruise on my girl's arm.  And the instinctive "whose ass do I need to kick" mode kicks in. 

The teachers have taken to trying to separate them the best they can.  And I know the policy at the daycare for dealing with these incidents.  And this little girl is transitioning into toddler rooms next, while Aubrey will still be in the infant room for a little longer.  And the two will not be placed in the same room together when Aubrey transitions, too. 
But still...Aubrey has a frenemy.  I picture it going a little something like this...
Picture courtesy of Google Images
But kid, stop biting my little girl.  Biting isn't cool, it's just not cool. 


  1. I would have been sooo mad if my baby hd come home with bite marks! Maybe more sad than mad, I don't know. But isn't it amazing how strong our protective instincts are concerning our children?! Well, any child, really, but especially of our own. Hopefully the biter will find words or some other way to express herself soon :)

  2. A biter is a biter, no matter how small or somewhat innocent it is. We had a biter who couldn't stop once he got to the toddler room and quickly transitioned right out of school. I'm sure he's homeschooled now. ;-)

  3. That's awful! I'm so sorry you are dealing with that! I would be so mad. My very good friend Jessica's son Max just attacks Norah for no reason CONSTANTLY. I love traveling with her but it's gotten to the point where I can't do it anymore, just have to hope they grow out of these stages. I hope the little girl moves out of that room soon & leaves poor little Aubrey alone!!


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