Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring, do you hear me?

Second Blooming
This week's Spin Cycle brought to you by Gretchen at Second Blooming is on SPRING!   I don't know about all of you out there but I'm more than ready for spring to get here.  This past winter, at least in Indiana, has suuuucked.  Suck, suck, sucked.  I'm not a winter person by any means, but this one has stuck around for a long time.  So Gretchen says "Hey, let's encourage spring to get here by writing about the things we love about spring!"  So here are a few things:
Warmer weather and no longer wearing coats.  I don't mind jackets or sweatshirts, but not having to wear a jacket or brace myself for the cold as I leave the house sounds pretty awesome.
A green lawn, budding trees and blooming flowers
Getting to exercise outside.  Because running on the treadmill is boring, and it's always so much more inspiring when I'm outside running than when I'm inside facing the wall the entire time.
Going outside with Aubrey.  We got a new wagon for her for Christmas, and I can't wait to take her on walks in it.  She's going to love it.
Cookouts.  We had a brand spanking new patio built (I suppose I should put pictures of that up here soon, huh?), and I want to enjoy it!  Eating outside, staying out after we put Aubrey to bed, enjoying a nice glass of wine with T while sitting around our built-in fire pit.  Heck yes!
Spring fruit - berries, grapefruit, peaches...I love it all
Rain.  I know, most people hate it, but a nice spring shower?  Snuggling up on the couch, watching a rain shower roll in?  I actually enjoy that.  Not tornado weather by any means, but if there's a little thunder, I'm good with that.
My birthday is right smack in the middle of spring.  While yeah, I don't want to turn 32, it is always nice to have a day to yourself, isn't it? 
So those are just a few things that I love about spring.  So now that I've written all about it, let's get it together, weather!  I'm ready for spring!  So stop by Gretchen's and see what others have to share.  And let's get started, spring!


  1. Taking Aubrey out in the wagon will be so awesome! And I envy your firepit! I've been dying for one for ages. I don't know why I don't just go buy a portable one, but I keep dreaming of something built into a fabulous patio, which we also don't have. I hope Spring arrives for you sooooon!

    You are linked!

  2. Of course, half the time you'll be fighting to keep Aubrey IN the wagon...

  3. Your patio sounds awesome! I'm looking forward to being able to sit outside, too!

  4. I would love to have your patio and to reast even for a few minutes outside in the spring colors and sounds......


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