Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I've got nothing

Random.  That's what you get from me today...sorry guys!  I'm in a mid-week slump, more than ready for this weekend to get here.
So it's been beautiful and warm and all spring-like out every single day this week, but I wouldn't know.  Because my office is a cave.  If I didn't have furniture in there or pictures on the wall, it may as well be one padded room (minus the padding but with the white walls).  It's enough to drive a lady crazy.  I regularly text T to see what the weather is like out there.  There could be a tornado and 1) I wouldn't hear the siren; 2) I would have no idea; and 3) it probably wouldn't matter because our office is about as safe as you get in terms of lower level interior room.  But I would like to enjoy some spring!
T and I need positive thoughts and prayers now more than ever.  I can't really divulge what but let's just say it would be a positive change, a much needed change, and it's out of our hands now so all we can do is just wait and pray.  How's that for vague?
And no, it's not me being pregnant.  Heck. No. 
So I've discovered that we have zero spring clothes for the little one.  It's sad, really.  We're just bad parents.  We have maybe 2 short sleeved shirts and that's it.  So I'm going to pop some tags this weekend and hit up some thrift shops.  I'll probably have more than $20 in my pocket, but I'm sure it will be _______ awesome. 
I could use some new clothes, as well.  I know this is a whoa is me moment, but none of my spring/summer clothes fit any more.  Good thing I have a birthday coming up....or maybe I need to go pop some tags for myself, too.  Throw an extra $20 in there?
So you know how I talked about our douchey neighborhood many blog posts ago about the remodeled 1990s douche-mobile black Camero with no muffler that he drives, or no, speeds down the street?  Well, one of his cars was repossessed last week.  We heard the tow truck at 11:00 p.m. and were sadly disappointed to see it wasn't the black car.  And apparently they got "served" with something the other day.  So who knows?  Maybe it'll be an early birthday presents, and they'll be out of here before Aubrey is old enough to play around in the yard.  I still will have to get all lawyer on him if he continues to drive recklessly in the neighborhood.  In fact, I might enjoy that. 
I have court today.  It's rare I'm in the courtroom these days with all of the grant reporting and writing, and so every time I am in court, I get all nervous.  Funny because of how much court time I had while working with DCS.  That, and I've been practicing for seven years now, so I should be cool with it.  But I think all (good) attorneys get a little nervous before any hearing.  It all depends on who you're up against, and I have reason to be a little nervous this morning. 
I'd much rather be with this little girl.  Notice the new shoes.  We went to Stride rite on Sunday, and we got Aubrey some new walking kicks.  She seems to like them so far, so here's hoping they help with the walking!
The other day, we were driving home from work, and while listening to the 1990s station on Sirius a song from the group Nelson came on.  And I actually got excited and says "Yes!  Nelson!" singing along to the music.  Yeah.  That happened.
I've been made to feel pretty old as of nephew starting to think about college, the fact I've been practicing law for seven years, out of college for ten this May.  And the fact that one of my staff attorneys graduated high school when I was turning 21 and was 14 when the first Justin Timberlake solo CD came out.  I am not even sure how old I was, but I'm for damn sure that N-Sync didn't even exist when I was 14.  I'm pretty sure I'm Justin Timberlake's age.  And I turn 32 in three weeks.  One of my staff attorneys said to me the other day "oh you're no longer a young lawyer!"  To which I corrected her..."young lawyer" by the State Bar standards is up to 35.  So I have a good 3 years.  I'm young, dammit! 
But along those same lines, I did see some picture on Facebook about weekends in your 20s and weekends in your 30s.  The one in your 20s was a picture of a bunch of friends doing shots at a bar.  The one in your 30s was a picture of Home Depot.  My. God.  It's like someone is recording our lives.  I mean you could add Target or Kroger to that, as well.  Oh, and Walgreens.  I guess you could say my weekends are becoming pretty duldrumatic.  (Right, CWMartin?)
Okay, so I'll stop with the random in a minute because this is getting long, but speaking of know you have too many medical conditions and go to Walgreens too often when the pharmacist doesn't need to look you up when you pull into the drive-thru pharmacy.  You also know that you are a frequent shopper when the pharmacist sees you out at Target, recognizes you and says hi.  This is what a high risk pregnancy will bring you!  So the pharmacist and I are besties.  I'm going to invite her over Friday so we can braid each others hair and play Truth or Dare.
Alrighty, that's enough random for the day.  Here's hoping for a quick Wednesday, a painless court hearing and an even quicker Thursday and Friday!

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  1. What a lift for my poor heart today! Not only did you use the word, but used it in a way I would assumed it would be used if it were a real word. And in a very entertaining and wonderfully random post. You'll have to try one on me!

    And you guys are always in the prayers- I'll just add the new "certain intention".


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