Thursday, July 25, 2013

Body image

In reading the yahoo news the other day, I came across an article that actually had me pretty enraged.  Granted, this was after a glass of wine and a long day buying a car, but still.  There are people out there actually giving Kate Middleton (Catherine if I'm being proper) a hard time for showing her post baby bump when they left the hospital. 
What the what?
Seriously?  When talking with my employees after they showed the pictures, I commented about how awesome she looked for having a baby just one day before.  Twenty-four hours.  Hell, I was impressed with the fact she walked out of there, in heels no less.  I couldn't even walk at that point, and God, the way I looked?  Nowhere near that.  Swelling, sweating, gross all wasn't pretty.  So she looked pretty damn good, if you ask me.
Aside from that, if you click on the article, you see the only thing that's noticeable is a tiny belly.  And people are all like "how is she going to get her pre-baby body back?"  Um, one, she just had a baby, like two days ago.  And two, she just had a baby, like two days ago.  She's not going to be getting sleep, probably feels like hell run over, and working out and losing weight is the last thing on her mind.  If she's anything like me, I didn't even want to look at my post-baby belly when I was at the hospital.  It was just...weird.  Time passed, and it got better, but it was post-surgery so I wasn't a fan of checking it out. 
I have lost thirty pounds over the course of a year.  I'm down to a weight I was in college.  But the one thing I still have?  A baby pooch.  I do.  It's there.  I talked to the doctor who helped me with the weight loss, and she basically said "well, not much you can do about that..." aside from crunches, etc.  But really, I had a freaking kid.  Even if I got to a weight that was way below my goal weight, I'm still going to have it.  What can I do?
I know there are women out there who look like they did pre-baby right after having a kid.  I'm related to many.  Many of these women are able to pull of a bikini with freaking six pack abs.  But not all women are so lucky.   Every woman is different. 
But for God's sake people, she had a kid!  Two days ago!  Leave her alone!  The amount of respect I have for her for looking that awesome, smiling and greeting the press and walking just one day after having a baby is huge.  Girl is tough.  Gotta give her props.  It's just a shame that there are people out there just looking to stir up problems. 
With people acting like this, it's no wonder I worry about Aubrey some day and the body image issues she will have to face....


  1. The whole obsession with looking as if you never had a baby within weeks in some cases, is stupid. I blame the obsession with toothpicks who model for a lot of it.

  2. It's no worse than all the other media-driven obsessions. I can't wait till we get to the point in the song where it says, "Pick your son, pick your daughter too/from the bottom of a long black tube", and these people really have to stretch to find something to bitch about!

  3. I honestly feel incredibly sorry for Kate. The media coverage of something which should be so personal to her family was out of control. I know that is what she married into, but still... just sad.


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