Monday, July 8, 2013

Welcome back!

Motivation Monday

Ah, vacation.  We’re back from an eight day excursion to the beaches of Lake Michigan to spend four days with my family, across the state to the Greater Detroit area to spend four days with T’s family.  That’s right.  Eight days – family.  While it was wonderful to see everyone and have fun with family, I think all three of us were more than ready to get home.  We’re all three homebodies, honestly.  I like my stuff, my bed, my home. 

Anyway, I will write about vacation another day.  I’m writing these blog posts for the week while in the car for five hours with a crying 16 month old.  I don’t blame her.  Poor thing has been forced to stay in the car for far too long.   But…as I write this specific post, we are three hours away from home.  So….yeah. 

I’ll write about my motivation for the week.  Motivation Monday.  Being away on vacation, I need to get my butt back in gear, as does T.  We managed to do fairly well in exercising and eating, but still…on vacation, there tends to be a little more in terms of alcohol consumption and eating.  We did get our butts out there four days and run.  Now, the four times?  Man, they were tough.  I’m not quite sure, but my legs were just like lead.  I’m not used to running outside and the heat was just killing me.  The last day, we got out for a run separately in T’s parent’s neighborhood, and I knew about five minutes into it, it wasn’t going to go well.  I considered pushing myself, but the humidity and heat with my asthma was too much so I begrudgingly stopped and turned around, cursing myself the whole time.   See, I expect myself to be a perfect runner, being the perfectionist that I am, and any sign of failure, I’m kicking myself.  So that was one tough run. 

Despite the madness of two grant reports and two grant presentations this week, I am determined to get up each day to run or bike, not only as exercise but also stress management.  I think I need it.  Plus, it’ll be nice to just get myself back into it after the gluttony of vacation.  So that is my motivation for the week.  Let’s see if I can do it!  What’s motivating you this week?

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