Tuesday, July 23, 2013

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It's time for a little self-promotion.  Sorry, folks, it's my blog, so I'll selflessly promote myself if I want to! :-)
So for those of you who are not aware, I've started writing on a freelance basis for The Examiner.com.  I cover three different areas - legal issues, non-profit news and parenting issues.  The majority of what I write about involves the legal area, but I do enjoy covering other areas.  The way the Examiner works is you get paid per click on your story, per share, and per subscriber.  It's not a huge moneymaker but it is a way for me to build a portfolio to expand into other opportunities.  It has taken me to one...starting in September I will be a contributor to Care.com.  I'm so excited about that and about what is to come.  So, here are a few stories I've covered recently.  Don't feel pressured to read them...but I thought I'd share just for the heck of it.
From a legal nerd's perspective, I find this story incredibly interesting.  Silence can be used against you if you do not respond to police questions before being read your Miranda rights.  I think this is going to cause more trouble than good.  Most people aren't well-versed in the law enough to know what rights they have and don't.  A lot can happen before getting your rights read to you.  And apparently being silent can be indicative of guilt.  Huh....
Another more recent story has been on an event held by a local organization near where I live, Discover Downtown Franklin.  The event is called a "Cash Mob," and after hearing more about it, I absolutely love the idea.   This is the third time the organization has held these events, and basically what it is - everyone who wants to participate meets at a location downtown, each person bringing $20 with them.  The local of the business they will "mob" is kept secret until that night.  Once the name of the business is released, all participants head to that store and must make a purchase that evening.  The Cash Mob has benefited both businesses that were the "secret locations" during previous events greatly.  I was so impressed when I saw information for this event because this truly is a great idea.  And an amazing cause.
Did you know that when you flash your headlights at oncoming drivers to warn them of a speed trap ahead you are exercising your right to free speech?  I had never really thought of it, but I suppose it makes sense.  It really works the same as if you had a loud speaker and informed drivers of the police hiding ahead.  A man in Missouri did just that and was arrested for obstruction of justice.  The suit was dropped and the matter was considered an exercise of his freedom of speech.  He's filing a class action suit as a result, though whether that action will be successful remains to be seen. 
Hey, attorney friends, don't write stories about your clients.  You may end up disbarred, which is exactly what happened to an Indianapolis attorney.  Note to self:  don't write a tell all.  Okay, I think I can handle that.
I love this story.  A man in the district my agency covers decided to rob a bank.  Why?  Because he hates the government.  And he wanted to see if he could.  Well, technically he could, just not successfully.  Doh.
Less funny story - these people don't deserve to be around children or people in general.  I won't describe what they did, but if you are able to read stories about child abuse (and this coming from a DCS attorney), click here.  I hope they get what they have coming to them and that this little kid is able to recover and be placed with people who love him.
Okay, I can't end this post on that note.  Here's the last story I'll share for the day.  It's about a very stupid man who stole the identities of customers of his steakhouse to fund fifteen trips to Walt Disney World as well as two Disney cruises.  He did this in a five month period.  Dang, that's a lot of trips to the happiest place on earth.  He must really be into Disney or something.  I'm just surprised he got away with so many trips, considering he had previously been arrested and put on probation for identity theft in Florida. 
Shameless self-promotion?  Sure!  But like I said, I get paid per click and subscriber, so every bit helps!  One of my loyal commenters, CWMartin is always awesome in sharing them in his blog posts, and for that, I'm very appreciative. 
I'll be back with less self-promoting posts tomorrow!


  1. Whenever I hear about people flashing headlights, I always think of that horror story where gang drive around with their headlights off, and then go shoot the good people who flash their lights at them to remind them - scares the crap out of me!

    And congratulations on the new job! Woohoo!

  2. And the Disney World guy gave me a great excuse to practice my PAINT skills!

    BTW, As much fun as I've had picking her blog for idiot criminals, I have learned a fare share about the legal system as well. IT IS WORTH YOUR CLICK! Go forth and do likewise!


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