Monday, July 22, 2013

When it rains....

So they say bad things happen in threes, right?  I'm kind of wondering if that works for things breaking, and if that's the case...I'm wondering what the third thing will be.  Because I really hope it's something insignificant like a dish or something. 
But really, I'd rather nothing else break.
The first thing?  My car.  Yep, my good, old reliable Saturn is being put out to pasture.  We're taking Old Yeller out back and letting her go.  I mean, I guess it's a given because it's a 2004, and it's like 125,000 miles in, so...I should be pleased.  But I was really hoping to get a little more on the car.  Say, 70,000 miles?  That car and I have been through hell and back.  I've hit many a car or curb or wall with that.  We've bonded.  And new car?  Can I really be trusted with a new car?  I've hit like 6 parked cars in my day. 
That and the car is paid off.  No car payment, dammit.  Couldn't that have lasted just a little bit longer? 
No.   The shocks started going out, and we were just going to replace those because that's totally minor.  Well, then last week the air conditioning went out.  And my car started acting really weirdly when it went into idle.  And then the radiator fan went.  And so goes the value of the car, or I think we're at that point where the car is valued less than how much it would take to fix it. 
So we have a day scheduled this week.  T and I are taking the Aubster to daycare and going to the dealer.  I can't tell you how much I'm not looking forward to it. But I'll put my lawyer face on and T will put on his engineer face on because I will not be taken for a ride.  (Pun intended). 
And then on Friday, I stay home to clean the house (yes, that is what I do on my personal days), and about three loads of laundry in the dyer kicked it.  That thing is dead.  It's not surprising because it's 5 years old and when T was in his single days, his apartment was struck by lightning and the thing was burnt out.  So it survived, until Saturday.  And finding time to go to the laundromat isn't easy with the toddler, so I went all pioneer on it and hung dried everything.  Minus towels, but still.  We're getting a new washer and dryer on Saturday. 
Did I mention we're not the Rockefeller's? 
I did lose a necklace down the drain on Saturday, too, causing T to have to take apart the drain to get it.  But that's not something broken.  But I'm starting to think we have bad luck or something. 
I told Aubrey it's time she start pulling her weight.  She's 17 months, let's get a job, kid. 


  1. Oh man! I hate when everything happens all at once - especially things that cost a lot! But enjoy the new car! And enjoy a new washer and dryer. Things happen for a reason, so push aside the money guilt and enjoy the newness of these things (even if just for a little bit!)

  2. We had a run like that a couple years ago. Here's hoping that nothing else major breaks on you.

  3. Amazing how cars know when they're paid off...


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