Monday, July 29, 2013

Holy Tylenol

I kind of knew it would happen some day.  Something of Aubrey's would fall into the church's holy water font.  Yeah, that's not something you'd read just any day, but....I knew it would happen.
When we go to mass, we sit in the narthex area outside the sanctuary, mostly because we've tried to go in there with Aubrey a few times, all huge failures involving in her and mommy in tears.  So until she's past this toddler age, we sit outside.  Sitting outside of the sanctuary means she runs around.  A lot.   Past the Easter candle (Please, Aubrey, be careful.), past the holy oils (Please, Aubrey, for the love of....), and then around the holy water font.  It's open and pretty much at her level.  She's danced around it a lot, but the past few times, she's tried to throw something in it.
See the thing with Catholicism, is the holy water....once it touches something, it is blessed.  I know for those non-Catholics out there, that might sound odd.  But as soon as that bottle of Tylenol left her hand, I thought "oh no, we have a blessed bottle of generic Tylenol."  I've heard that you shouldn't throw away things that have touched holy water.  I mean, we burn palms that have been blessed.  So I was wondering - do I bury it?  Do I burn it?  Do I give it to the priest? 
And yes, I'm that Mom that let her kid play with a bottle of medication.  But hey, she was chewing on the cap, and you know, at some point you just say it isn't worth fighting over.  It's child-proofed and closed.
So we scoop it up and hide it from Aubrey.  After mass, I sheepishly approach the priest and say "Father, I have a question.  My daughter threw her Tylenol bottle in the holy water.  What do I do with it?"  He laughs and goes, "well, if there are any miraculous occurrences after, please let me know.  But otherwise, just wipe it off and throw it away."  He got a good chuckle out of it, as I laughed and said "Oh, okay, I wasn't sure if we had a blessed bottle of Tylenol or something." 
Oh Aubrey....
But honestly, that's not the first thing I've seen chucked into the holy water.  Some poor mom lost her iPhone a few weeks ago. 
They should install some kind of cage around it or something.  With toddlers like Aubrey running around, who knows what else will be blessed?


  1. Our Church always just had HW in little bowls on pedestals at the entrance of the main room. A kid would have to be a darn good shot! It was the altar boys (yes, I was one) you had to watch out for...

  2. couldn't help but laughing out loud! hahahaha


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