Thursday, July 11, 2013

Random thoughts on I-69

I’m writing this post as we drive just south of Fort Wayne with a fussy Aubrey and 2 hours left to go.  Running short on words…which is saying something for me.  So you get random.  Random thoughts by Nain as we travel this fine road known as I-69. 
I remember when I was a kid how much different road trips were.  I always brought a ton of stuff to do in the car – coloring, reading…and I loved stopping places to eat, like McDonalds so I could be treated to a nice Happy Meal.  Now?  I despise it.  It wasn’t so bad when it was just me and T but with a toddler it’s hell.  Literally, I feel like this exact place where I am, aside from JFK airport, is hell.  Hell in a rented Toyota RAV-4.  If I had it my way we’d just drive this whole trip without stopping, only to use the restroom as necessary, but nope…we have to stop so Aubrey can at least stretch her legs.  We tried stopping for a bite to eat at a Wendy’s, and as we walk in, so does a bus with maybe 25 to 30 middle school kids.  We promptly turned around and left.  Eating there would have actually topped hell in a RAV-4. 
Every time we drive to and from T’s parents I always have to point out a sign for Tippy Ditch, just south of Fort Wayne.  I’m not sure why but that cracks me up.  Tippy Ditch. 
Did you know that Indiana has a museum in honor of Vice-Presidents?  I’m not sure what city it’s in, but I just saw it off of I-69.  That has to be one of the most boring museums ever.  I have a feeling that Dan Quayle is why we have it.  I’m not sure that’s a good enough reason to have a whole museum dedicated to a position in the Executive Branch that really, aside from being next in line in succession, doesn’t do much.  But dammit, Indiana has a museum.  Maybe we should stop there some time.  Along with a stop to stare in awe at Tippy Ditch.  Ha.  Tippy Ditch.
There’s a gas station that is on US-31 on the way up to South Haven through Kokomo that has a sign that says “Eat Here and Get Gas.”  I think we should eat there sometime just to see if that is, in fact, true.  From the looks of the place, I’m guessing it’s a safe bet.
Irony of ironies – we just passed an exit for Gas City, Indiana.  I wonder if people there get a lot of gas, too. 
When we get home, there will be about 30 DVR episodes of Sesame Street on our TV.  Or I hope not because I tried to cancel them, but so help me God, if her Sesame Street shows are the reason why my Daily Show and Colbert Report aren’t on…there will be hell to pay. 
Tippy Ditch.
Ha, and there’s also a motel called “Huggy Bear Inn.”  I have a feeling that’s not the classiest of places.  I’m thinking lots of…err….stuff is on those beds.  I’m picturing 1970s décor.  And bed bugs.  And Snoop Dogg. 
Okay, I’m running out of ideas.  It’s random.  And looking through what I just wrote, I really wrote a lot about gas. 
Just one and a half more hours to go!  The time is just flying by.

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  1. You are cracking me up - please don't eat at Gas City!


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