Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Anniversary rundown

This last weekend T and I decided to take a little time for ourselves to celebrate our anniversary.   Since money is tight with the little half-pint on the way, we nixed our original (and awesome) plans for a NYC trip and opted for a staycation in Indianapolis.  All that we wanted was a little vacation from reality for awhile and just to have a weekend to spend together and reminisce on our wedding day.  We picked a perfect weekend, too.  Perfect weather, the Irish Fest was in town for the weekend (since we went to Ireland on our honeymoon and all), and we found a terrific deal on a hotel stay.  We stayed at the Marriott downtown, and since they were partnered with the Irish Fest, we received two weekend passes for the festival for staying two nights at the hotel. 

I didn't take as many pictures as I wanted, since I forgot my camera.  Cell phone pictures aren't always the best, so I did my best!  Bear with me...

We started our weekend off with dinner at P.F. Changs.  Dinner was delicious, and the little kiddo let me eat for the most part.  The funny thing is I can't eat as much as I used to.  I seem to get fuller quicker.  But was had appetizer, drinks (the nonalcoholic variety for me), dinner and dessert.  We tried to walk it off on the canal downtown and went back to the hotel since we were both beyond exhausted from working that day. 
Saturday we got up, took our time with breakfast and getting ready and headed down a lunch at one of our favorite downtown restaurants, Rock Bottom Brewery.  Here's T enjoying a Rocktoberfest Brew...


This pregnancy has made me a connoisseur of lemonade. I chose a strawberry lemonade, which was pretty tasty.  We figured since festival food tends to be pretty pricey, we'd do a big lunch out and then park ourselves at the festival for the day.

It was a beautiful day - sunny, high near 70 degrees, no cloud in the sky.  We brought our own lawn chairs and walked to the festival.  They have about four different stages set up, and different musicians play throughout the day.  It varies from Irish dancing to Celtic music, Irish rock, you name it.   Food booths everywhere, Irish markets for shopping and of course...the Guinness....

Look at that pout.  T feels SO sorry for me not getting to enjoy the Guinness.  (I confess...I had a sip...it was good).  We also did a little shopping.  Look what I found for a little half-pint!

 If you look ever-so-closely you can see a bump there.  This may be your only shot of my stomach because I'm totally not one of those girls who likes taking pictures of her pregnancy belly.  But I just had to have this shirt as soon as I saw it.  A boy or girl could wear it, right????  T got a present for himself, an Ireland jacket, and I got a pretty shamrock necklace.  Sorry, I don't have pics of those!  We relaxed for the afternoon and evening listening to different bands, making fun of people around us, and laughing at the cute kids dancing to the music.  Tension was relatively low for the day, except for when we had to figure out dinner amongst the crowd and both T and I got cranky momentarily.  (I hate crowds.  We can't expect miracles here, people...I'm pregnant!)  But we had so much fun.  It wasn't Ireland, no, but it was fun nonetheless.
Sunday, we got up and had breakfast via room service, which was delicious.  We had to check out by 11:00, so we headed back home and went to mass at our church since one year ago to that day, we got married right at that spot.  Just thinking back to that day and how beautiful everything was...I just felt so blessed.  We relaxed most of the day, looking through photos from the wedding and our honeymoon, watching our slide shows for each dance at the wedding.  T made his delicious chicken sizzlini for dinner, and we had a nice romantic meal:



We got to use the Waterford Crystal goblets T's parents gave us as an engagement present.  I had wine for T and sparkling grape juice for myself.  I also had our unity candle lit, and we said a special prayer for our anniversary. 

After dinner we enjoyed our wedding cake, which I remembered to defrost before we left for the weekend.  I must say, I was super impressed with how good it still tasted!  Sure, it wasn't as moist, but I think freezing and thawing will do that.  But damn, that is some good cake!

Overall, it was a wonderful anniversary weekend.  I couldn't be happier with how everything turned out.  However will we top this and celebrate our 2 year next year?

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  1. WOW!!
    it sounds perfect!!
    Yes, I can see a baby bump!! How exciting!! :)
    I'm glad you had such a great time together!

  2. I saw the bump!!!! Glad you guys were still able to celebrate. It's pretty fun to have a staycation when you can go to a hotel still. Glad you are feeling a bit better.

  3. That sounds pretty perfect to me! I have to say you are going to have to share pictures of your tummy, there really is no way around it. You write a blog, you are obligated!!! Plus this will become somewhat of a baby book for your child as your status switches to motherhood, so you should do it for your baby. If none of this is convincing you, let me know, I will work on a more extensive list to convince persuade you. :)

  4. Oh that shirt is ADORABLE! And I am just so glad that you guys got to do something fun still, even if NY couldn't happen. You deserve it!


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