Saturday, June 8, 2013


I seem to recall me saying something about writing every day in June, right? :-) 
I have to say, writing on the weekends is a lot harder.  I have this 28.6 lb, 15 month old attachment on me.  Yesterday I did take advantage of being Aubrey-free, though, and I took the day off.  And what did I do on my day off, you ask?  Well, I cleaned the hell out of my house.  I mean, what else would you do on a day off? 
No seriously, I cleaned.  Cleaned a lot.  I basically did all of the things I say that I plan to do or need to do.  And it's a lot easier to get this stuff done when I'm on my own.  I cleaned the oven, cleaned the Keurig, cleaned out the entire refrigerator and freezer, mopped the floors, vacuumed, did the dishes, laundry, bathrooms...went through Aubrey's clothes and got rid of the things that don't fit her anymore.  I did a lot.  I felt like Cinderella, but voluntarily a Cinderella.   And I wore myself out. 
You know, when I become super rich, I'm totally investing in a cleaning service. 
But at least I don't really need to clean on Saturday, unless you consider cleaning up after Hurricane Aubrey cleaning. 
Happy Saturday, everyone!

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  1. Most people "feel like Cinderella" on the OTHER end of her experiences. How easy to forget the hard work that goes into almost everything.


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