Monday, June 24, 2013

Motivated to get back on track

Motivation Monday

Good morning, everyone!  Hope all of you had great weekends!  Ours, I have to say, wasn't too shabby.  Aubrey was in a relatively good mood, which made for a pleasant Saturday and Sunday.  Much better than in previous weekends.  And we're looking at a short week this week, since Friday we will be getting ready to head out for a week-long family vacation.  So that's not bad, right?

I've decided to post a motivation Monday post today...I don't do these every week mostly because I found that I've had the same things to write about every week.  It usually involved working out, and this week?  That's just what it does.  Because I've strayed off course just a bit, and with vacation coming up, I know that next week I won't exactly be as disciplined as normal.  So this week will be my "detox" of sorts.  I've resolved to exercise every day this week, alternating between running and doing the bike thing.  Saturday I did a longer 45 minute run, and my legs were having a hard time keeping up, so what that tells me is those weeks of me running maybe once or twice a week aren't cutting it.  While November is a ways away, I do have that mini-marathon looming in the distance.  So I do need to keep the legs nice and strong. 

That and I noticed the weight creeping up every so slightly.  And by slightly, we're talking 5 lbs.  And I know darn well why that happened - sweets.  I've succumbed to sweets.  So we're stepping back from all of that this week.  The Cake Boss cake is now gone, though delicious.  That thing was ridiculously filling, as I'm sure that it's made with a ton of heavy cream, real butter, you name it.  But it was freaking amazing. 

The working out isn't just important for the weight maintenance either....with the hospital scare and a great deal of stress going on at work and in my personal life, it's the one way I seem to manage my stress or at least it's a release.  So maybe that'll help me keep some of that under control this week.

So that's my motivation for the week.  I am proud to report that I did drag my tired butt out of bed this morning, despite the fact that Miss Aubrey woke up at 3:45 a.m. crying because of her teeth.  I stumbled into her bedroom, gave her some Tylenol and Orajel, fell back into bed and got up to run at 5:45 a.m.  I'll be feeling that later, but that's what coffee is for, right?

Monday - just four work days...I can do this! 

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  1. I'm impressed you got up for that run - impressed, and totally envious of your motivation! I haven't run once since bringing Cheeks home, and I miss it!


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