Monday, June 10, 2013

Weeknd do-over

So I should probably explain about yesterday's post.  I haven't completely given up as a parent, was definitely one of those weekends where I didn't really like my child, as much as I love her with my whole heart.  I hate saying that, I really do.  But it's like she woke up Saturday and Sunday on a mission to do everything possible to push all buttons we had, do everything she knows she shouldn't, just to get a reaction. 
And it worked.  No, not at first...Saturday, T and I did pretty well just trying to tell her no, but not really lose our cool.  I thought for sure after her mid-day  nap that she'd wake up in a better mood.  Ha, silly Mommy.  Nope.  In the morning and the afternoon, I took her out in her wagon, trying to at least get her  out and maybe distract her.  But she threw a tantrum during the walk.  I'd put on Sesame Street.  Tantrum.  I mean, nothing was working. 
We had the best of intentions of going to mass together.  But that didn't happen.  I think it was the hour-long screamfest that really made that decision.  And when I say screamfest, I mean it.  It's almost funny.  She throws herself on the ground like an NBA player who just got fouled.  But even more dramatic.  I try not to laugh but that didn't work.  And I think about 45 minutes into it we realized that yeah, we weren't bringing her to church.  I mean, I did consider just throwing her in the holy water to see if whatever demon was inside of her would escape but we don't have any young priests at our church...and I seem to recall needing a young priest AND an old priest for an exorcism. 
She calmed down for T when I was at church but both nights we had our reenacted scenes from the Hitchcock movies.  I felt awful because I actually looked forward to going to work and sending her to daycare. 
So I'm pretty much the worst mom ever, right? 
She had her sweet moments, too.  She isn't without those.  Sunday's nap made her a little happier, and we did manage to make it to a new park with friends.  And I even got her to head bop and jam to Ice Cube's "Today was a good day."  I might as well pass on some good habits, right?
Look at that little belly pudge sticking out behind that seat belt.

She did love the swing. 
Aside from that,'s Father's Day this weekend?  What the what?  I'm not sure what calendar I was looking at, but I thought I had 2 more weeks for that.  Yikes.  Better get on that ASAP.  Anyone else miss the boat on that one?
I do demand a weekend do-over, just so you know.  Next weekend.  Next weekend....

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