Monday, June 17, 2013

Random random random

I seriously cannot for the life of me come up with a decent and heartfelt blog post as I sit here writing this on Sunday watching Family Guy.  Honestly, I've looked at this screen for a good 15 minutes and yeah...nothing.  Damn.
So you get random thoughts on this fine Monday - enjoy!
So I have this unusual obsession with Brian Williams.  Seriously, I love Brian Williams.  I used to be a huge Matt Lauer fan, but with that whole Ann Curry thing, I've now become a tried and true Brian Williams fan.  Did you know he was actually in a episode of Sesame Street?  I am flipped out when I saw that.  He just did a cameo during Family Guy and couldn't stop smiling.  I heart Brian Williams, especially when he is on The Daily Show.
And speaking of The Daily Show, I'm going to miss Jon Stewart something fierce but...John Oliver is doing okay so far.  I'm loyal, I'll stick to it...what can I say? 
This weekend T and I participated in a very moving and worthwhile church event.  Part of it involved turning of the cell phone for the day (relax, Aubrey was at the daycare set up and we would know if she wasn't doing well), and not having a cell phone or computer?  It felt weird but it was also kind of nice.  Maybe I should do this more often. 
Aubrey kind of took revenge on us at church that night after being left at the daycare thing.  Seriously, I have never seen her that bad at church.  I was in tears by the time the mass was over, not because I was moved or anything but because she had taken the spirit out of me and killed me from the inside.  She did better on Sunday, but seriously, that wasn't cool, Aubrey. 
She's learned a lot of things in daycare, and it's funny because we're seeing it every day.  She knows the Wheels on the Bus, and the other day she kept twirling in circles saying "ashes, ashes," so we figured out she was doing ring around the rosies.  I'm not sure if that was a good or bad thing that we figured out because Mommy spent the afternoon spinning around and then falling to the floor and getting back up.  It's not kind to Mommy's knees, let me tell you.
Lastly, it was a great Father's Day, I think...I mean, it wasn't my holiday but I think T enjoyed it...time playing with Aubrey, taking a family walk, and I made him a homemade, baked spaghetti dinner.    It was delicious. 
So that's what you get for the random day this week...I need to come up with something good to write for the rest of the week...ideas, anyone?
I'll be good if I don't start this week with a trip to the E.R.


  1. I totally think it is a good thing to unplug every once in a while - I know I always feel great when I do! Even if it does take a little getting used to - like an addict going through withdrawals! Ha!

  2. How about a collection of your examiner posts that verge on the extreme- like the frosted mini-wheats episode?


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