Saturday, June 15, 2013

The writing bug

Happy Saturday, everyone!  Keeping up with the daily I'm writing this a day in advance since T and I will be at a church retreat all day.  It'll be nice not actually having access to a computer for the day.  Maybe, just maybe, I can focus on my thoughts and not Facebook? 
Anyway, so speaking of focusing too much on the Internet, your home girl here has been crazy with the writing.  So if you haven't already, you should definitely subscribe to my topics on The Examiner.  You have to subscribe to topics separately, but I get paid extra per subscriber.  And you get handy dandy emails when I publish a new article.  I write on Indianapolis Nonprofit Issues; local Greenwood Family/Parenting Issues, and Johnson County and South Central Indiana Court Issues
While, yes, not all of you live in Indiana, I don't just focus locally.  My favorite article thus far?  People who sued Kellogg's because they thought that the commercials saying that Frosted Mini-Wheats improved attention spans was actually true.  Yeah....I mean, I'm an attorney and am all for getting justice and stuff but seriously?  Come on, people.
I have to say, writing for The Examiner, while not lucrative, has bit me with the writing bug.  I used to love this stuff.  Journalism was my major, and I was passionate about it, like I am about the law.  I could pump out stories like nobody's business.  I don't know...maybe this is something I should pursue further? 
So if you all want to be my bestest friends in the entire world?  Subscribe, subscribe!  And I'll be your forever friend, and we can braid each other's hair and skip rope. 
Happy Saturday everyone!

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  1. That was my favorite too... but the one about getting the GPS warrant over Facebook postings bothers me somehow...


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