Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The "real" news

Let me preface this by saying that I'm writing this on Tuesday afternoon and have no idea what decision the Supreme Court will have on the Defense of Marriage Act....I anxiously await this constitutional argument, clue at this present moment.
This week is totally a law nerd's dream week.  Supreme Court decision after Supreme Court decision.  I have been actively monitoring the SCOTUS blog to get live updates and was sorely disappointed at 10 a.m. this morning when we were told that no other decisions were coming out on Tuesday.  Saving the best for last, huh?  Come on...
If anything, it's given me a lot to write about with The Examiner.  I've written 4 articles so far:
Silence can be held against you when arrested but before read your Miranda rights, the Court defined the term "supervisor" and struck down a claim that an employee at an Indiana university made that she was experiencing racial discrimination and harassment because the employee doing it wasn't technically a "supervisor," the Court reversed an affirmative action decision, pushing it back to the lower court to decide on the admissions policies at a Texas university; and what I deem to be the biggest?  They ruled a part of the Voting Rights Act as unconstitutional.  What the what?
I have my opinions on these decisions, but as a journalist, I will keep these to myself.  But all of these high court decisions has me glued to the SCOTUS blog, and yes, I realize that makes me one gigantic nerd. 
The thing I find fairly irritating, however....I write these stories, and I know there are other Examiners who are, too, but when I open up the main page for The Examiner (at least right now), the first thing you see is George Zimmerman.  I'm not discounting that murder trial by any means, but...please, the only reason that is being featured is because it's sensationalism.  There are major constitutional issues being decided today by constitutional scholars, not defense attorneys who open up their argument with a friggin' knock knock joke.  Alas.  The times we are in. 
Anywho, so this week I get a special 15% bonus on page clicks for my articles, soooo, please read, read, read!  And subscribe if you haven't yet because at least someone is covering the important stories out there.  You know, the stories not including what Kim and Kanya named their baby?  Those stories. 

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  1. You know I have been. It's been a great source of fact-based reporting on SCOTUS, an area we all pay too little attention to.


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