Saturday, June 22, 2013

Stop growing!

Well, not really....I mean, it's good that my child is growing.  I'm all for that, but man, I can't keep up with the clothing, shoes, you name it.  T and I were going down the list of items we will need for our vacation coming up, and the list kept getting longer and longer as we thought of more and more things Aubrey needed.  New shoes, new sandles, as her old ones are too tight.  Bigger PJ's, bigger clothes.  Bigger diapers (she's a size 5 now, hard to believe), and a booster seat. It's so hard to believe sometimes that I have a toddler.  She still seems like my little baby.  But she's getting so big, and she's growing so fast.  It's just amazing. 
She has slowed down in the weight department.  She's stopped somewhere just shy of 30 lbs.  After my heart scare a week ago, I have been told to not pick her up as much, which isn't always easy.  But I'm not a huge person, and I'm technically not supposed to lift more than 25 lbs per the cardiologist...but...she's my kid.  And she's a growing girl!
BUT, if she's going to keep growing this quickly, Mommy or Daddy are going to need a pay raise and stat :-)  So Aubrey, maybe, just maybe slow it down somewhat....

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  1. Being told not to pick up your own kid too much has GOT to be hard. For that reason alone she should stop growing!


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