Friday, June 14, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

T, I have a special post for you from someone very special.  She can't type, so I'm going to type for her as she dictates what she wants said :-)

Dear Daddy,
I'm too little to write, so Mommy is writing this.  I sure hope she writes all of it.  She types fast.  And I want to touch her computer, but she won't let me.
Daddy, I loved you as soon as they put me in your warm arms.  I was so scared and cold, and you made me feel so much safer. But you did have those weird glasses and that mask on.

You always make me smile.  I love when you pick me up from school and get me out of the car.  I love walking to the mailbox with you.

I love to give you kisses, too.  But not when you have that weird fur on your face.  But I love you anyway.


 Sometimes you and Mommy put me in weird outfits.  But it's okay, only if you don't call me your little monkey.  Or Missy Muffin.  And never ever Sweet Gum Drop.

Sometimes your sneezes scare me, and sometimes I think you and Mommy are crazy, but you always give me food.  And I like food.
You take me to fun places where I can see all of these cool things.  There's always so much to look at.
We always have so much fun together when we play.  I love playing blocks and riding my car with you. I love when you sing Snuggle Puppy and Pajama Time to me.

I even love you when you kiss and eat my toes.  You always say you're eating my piggies, but they are toes, Daddy.  Toes, not piggies.

I think you're the best Daddy I could ever ask for.  And I have done a lot of thinking.  You are the best Daddy ever.

So I wanted Mommy to make sure you knew.  I love you so so much, Daddy.  Now let's go play with the blinds!


 Happy Daddy's Day, Daddy.  I hope you like my letter.  Maybe next year I will write it all by myself.  I'll be a big girl then.

Love you, Aubrey

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