Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June 25th

Each year, T and I celebrate the anniversary of our first date, when we first met.  It's a special night for both of us, and we always go back to the restaurant where we went to that night on June 25, 2008.  And today, it's been five years.  It's so hard to believe that it has been only five years.  Sometimes it seems like I've known T forever. 

 (Don't we look so youthful, so energetic, so full of life?  While we met in June and this picture was taken at a wedding in September, this is one of the very first pictures we have together.)

Five years later, and we've been through so much, the ups and the downs.  We were married, we have been blessed with a beautiful little girl who is now 16 months old, we moved in together, we built a house together, we (I) switched jobs, we had a few health scares, some sorrow, some joy, we traveled to Ireland together.  So very very much has happened in the course of just five short years.

(November 2008)
The last five years have hands down been the best five years of my life.  Had I known that by saying yes to this shy and someone nerdy engineer who asked me to dinner, I would be married to him five years later, with his child?  There is no way I would have predicted it. 
Life is full of so many decisions.  Some of them are big and some of them are small.  T came into my life when I was skeptical of love, beaten down, and really....well...just not sure.  But I said yes and took that chance.  Just one date.  And while he didn't order any wine with dinner and when I asked if he wanted dessert he responded with a "Well, I had ice cream for snack at work, so I'm good!"  (Oh, T...), I knew there was something special about him.  And I was right. 
So tonight, we'll be thinking back to that special evening and celebrating all of the years to come.  I love you, T!  Thanks for taking a chance on me and saying yes, too!

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  1. So cool!
    Nick and I remember our first date too.


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