Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Back to School Time!

Hey everyone!  So I try not to self promote on my blog, but I'm really excited about this huge special I'm running, and I'm working super hard on a goal to make $1,000 this month with Mary Kay.  So, I just had to post this sale on here for any of you who do use Mary Kay, who have always wanted to try it, who know someone who loves it, you name it.  I may be partial, but I am a big fan :-) 
So here's my special, and if you read at the end, there is a special giveaway just to make it fun, and who doesn't like free stuff? 
And you are invited to my exclusive Mary Kay Back to School Sale … now until August 15, 2012·       
All Pencils        Lip, Eye or Brow Liners … Buy 1, Get 2nd at ½ PRICE!  ·       
Erasers   Foundations, Concealers & Highlighting Pens…all 20% off! ·        
Backpacks & Carrying Cases   Buy everything you need to fill your compact & receive the compact at 40% off! ·       
Crayons    Lipsticks & Glosses …   Buy 1, Get 2nd at ½ price! ·       
Paints    Cheek & Eye Colors  …  Buy 1, Get 2nd at ½ Price!  ·       
After Gym Class hit the showers with Our Spa Line! Scents include: Exotic Passion fruit, Simply Cotton, Warm Amber, and Forever Orchid! You can choose from Body Lotion, Body Sugar Scrub, Body Shower Gel, or Body Fragrance……Purchase one item and get the 2nd at ½ off!  ·       
All Fragrance Items   (Women & Men)  ...  25% off
Okay, so to spread the word, I am having an awesome giveaway.  Right now, our free gift with purchase of $40 or more is this cute little set of mini-oil free eye makeup remover (perfect for a carry-on bag!) and mascara sample.  User failure has made it difficult for me to post the picture, so here's the link to see the goods.   So...
Share this on FB or Twitter and earn an entry
Blog about it and earn an entry
Email this to 10 friends and earn an entry
Make a purchase yourself and earn 5 entries
I'll announce who the winner is on Friday!!!
Thanks, everyone!  You're all awesome!

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