Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Some "us" time

Working from home this morning before I head to the courthouse to meet with applicants for our agency, and man, I'm tired.  Pumping myself full of coffee, and I'm nursing my wound from just getting blood work done.  I'm proud to say I didn't pass out, even though it was super close.  I hate the fact I can barely handle getting blood work without fainting.  But I resign myself to the fact that there's nothing I can really do about it. 
Anyway, I digress.  I'd rather not write about that this morning.  Instead, I'll write about the lovely weekend I had with my family and more importantly, with T.  Upon the advice of many of you wonderful readers, we decided to take some time for us.  It's been far too long, and we found ourselves in that roommate phase where it was all business and all Aubrey.  So it was nice to take a step back to what we were before we became parents.  And it was nice. 
Friday night after we put the little Aubster to bed, we poured ourselves some wine and sat on our front porch for a few hours, just talking.  We used to do this all the time when we first started dating, and it was so nice.  No TV, no computers, just us.   
On Saturday, after he ran and I did my 8 mile training walk, we got ready and headed up to Noblesville for my Mom to watch Aubrey while we went on a date.  An actual date.  Just us.  Wow.  We went to see The Campaign (which is absolutely hilarious if you are looking for a good laugh), walked around the outdoor mall in Noblesville, stopping at Old Navy to purchase Aubrey's Halloween costume.  Sure it's early, but it's the cutest monkey outfit ever.  I can't wait to see her in it.  And we ended our afternoon with an early dinner at Olive Garden, enjoying a nice dinner with, yes, a bottle of wine.  It was a special occasion after all!  Aubrey did so well with my parents, which was great because we can always use the free babysitting for future dates.  And, like Friday, we ended the day with some wine (T had Jameson) outside just talking.  It was a wonderful day. 
All good things must come to an end, as responsibility must take over at some point.  We ran errands on Sunday, T working out in the yard, and Aubrey and I joining him by sitting out on the porch.  I always hate that feeling of Sunday, the knowledge that the next day you have to go back to work.  But really, it was a great weekend.  I don't think we've had one like that in a long time.  We took time out for ourselves, and it was so worth it. 
So that was our weekend...how did you spend yours?  And who is ready for another weekend?  Just two weeks until my big mini-marathon!   Yikes! 


  1. I have to lie down when I am having blood work done. Even if they are just taking one vial. Go figure.

    I am so glad that you and T had grown-up, relationship building, time. I encourage you to make this regular. Definitely date night.

    Lily-Thinking Thoughts

  2. I've always thought of Sundays as my last free day before work begins so I tend to enjoy them more. On Sundays, we like to stick together, either going to the pool or a movie, or even just chilling out in the front yard with Sprite washing our cars. (Technically, it's an excuse to get wet, but whatever. It's free entertainment for her and I can sit in my chair and relax.) Glad you got a date night!

  3. Ah so glad you guys got some time together!

  4. Good job for getting two "date nights" in one weekend! I'm actually jealous. Had the in-laws in town this weekend, and I was really hoping they would offer to watch the kids while we went out, but no dice. Guess it's time to find a babysitter.


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