Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Take me out to the ball game!

This past weekend, we took Aubrey to her very first baseball game, taking in an evening game for the Indianapolis Indians.  It was a beautiful, albeit warm, day out, and the perfect day for a ballgame.  So we packed up a blanket and headed to Victory Field.  We're hoping to start a bit of a tradition here, taking Aubrey to see the Indians play.  Before we had Aubrey, T used to say how he looked forward to taking his son or daughter to a game and having a little Daddy-daughter time.  While I was there, of course, I still know it meant a lot to him. 
First on our list of things to do was to check out the field....

We had lawn seats, and the park is pretty nice in that you can see everything from no matter where you sit.  And you get this amazing view of the downtown skyline, too.  We laid out a blanket and just hung out until the game began.  Aubrey enjoyed her time just chilling with her best friend monkey....

It was fun just hanging out as a family, getting away from everything and enjoying a night out.  Miss Aubrey was a good sport, staying out past her bed time.  We were hoping she'd fall asleep in her car seat eventually, but nope, Little Miss Stubborn stayed awake until we got to the car.  Guess she didn't want to miss a thing!

 We left in the last inning, but the Indians won...not that I watched too much of the game :-)  I was having too much fun with Miss Aubrey.  But all in all, I think it was a great first baseball outing for her!   Next step?  IU Football!


  1. As much as I hate to say it- IU football is an awful lot of disappointment for such a little girl... heck, it's been too much for me the last few years!

  2. Awe super sweet! We take our boys to our local minor league hockey games. So much fun! It's something I did with my dad and now we all do together. Great memories your making there momma!


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