Friday, August 17, 2012

Water, water, everywhere!

Second Blooming
This week's Spin Cycle, brought to you by Gretchen over at Second Blooming, is on water.  I'm not going to lie.  I've got nothing.  No ocean or lake story.  No pool story.  Nothing.  So I'm going rouge on this one and talking about the one subject I do know on water...
Bottled water.
Yeah, bottled water.  It's probably the only way I can really talk much about water.  I have a ton of bottles of water in my house.  My own shelf in the refrigerator.  I know you're not supposed to keep refilling them over and over again.  I know at some point the germs take over, but I just keep them in there and rotate.  So far I probably have about six.  T has a shelf, too.  We're cheap.  Why buy new bottles of water when you can just fill them from the tap.  And our refrigerator has a filter so it basically is the same.  And God knows I need a bottle.  If I just used a glass?  There would be water everywhere.  Everywhere, I tell you! 
The funny thing that I do that T doesn't understand is I don't always fill my bottles all the way when I put them back in the fridge.  He'll fill his and put them back in all neatly.  Mine are somewhat crushed and half-full.  I figure, who cares?  I'll fill the rest of it later.  So I have about six different bottles of water at different levels of fullness. 
And I carry one everywhere I go basically.  But the thing is?  I don't drink it.  I'm notorious for not getting enough water during the day.  I get so busy and just forget.  So I'll come home and unpack my lunch and see two full bottles when I brought three in, and the third is still somewhat full.  And then I realize how very little I drank that day.  Bad, Nain, bad!  I really should drink more water.  Why else would I be carting around a bottle everywhere I go?
I also will leave them at random places in the house.  Seriously, it's amazing, I'll find one in the living room, one in my in my purse, you name it. 
Do you think I should implement a "days of the week" bottle water system?  Maybe that would do the trick! 
I had non idea I had so much to say about bottled water.  I think this might actually be one of the longest rambling posts about bottled water that you would find out there.  I dare you to find a longer one. 
Speaking of water, I'm thirsty.  Time to locate one of mine.  There's got to be one around here somewhere!
So stop by Gretchen's blog, and see what other Spinners have to say about water.  I'm guessing it has nothing to do with the bottled variety :-)  TGIF, everyone!


  1. Ha! I was reading along thinking "She must be so healthy, drinking all that water" until you said you didn't actually drink it, just carried it around! I am slightly worried about the germs and chemicals leaching into your water. Maybe you should start collecting a bunch of Sigg bottles to carry around with you and not drink!

    You're linked.

  2. LOL, reading your post about water is making me thirsty, too!


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