Monday, August 6, 2012

Management motivation

Motivation Monday

I am SO sorry for my lack of posts last Thursday and Friday.  I wish I had some glamorous reason for not being able to post, but unfortunately no.  It's work.  Lots and lots of work.  As my staff and family are watching me push myself over the edge with stress, and I have begun taking Zantac due to stress-induced heartburn...I finally said enough was enough and reached out to T for some help, in the form of time management.  I've become so incredibly overwhelmed trying to juggle everything - personal and professional life - that I need something to give. 

I can't remember which one of you posted a comment last week saying, that I need to set some boundaries.  I think it was more than just one commenter but the basic sentiment was that I need to do work and only work at while there and to not bring it home.  And to make sure I'm setting aside time for 1) T and myself, 2) for Aubrey, and 3) myself.  No, those are not listed in any particular order, meaning that I consider myself last in line.  And time for my Mary Kay business. 

T is one of the most organized people I know, and he's notorious for his lists, and as much as we try to be spontaneous people, it's just not a possibility now that we have Aubrey.  So his suggestion was that I set aside two specific days for "office hours" for Mary Kay.  This will be time where I dedicate myself solely to what I need to do for that business.  He also suggested that I don't bring home work if I can help it.  Granted, I know there will be times where this is unavoidable, as is the same for him, but it feels like I'm doing this on a regular basis.  I get so little time with Aubrey in the evenings, and I'd like to spend those few hours playing with her and interacting.  The same goes for T.  We've become complacent lately.  After we put Aubrey to bed, we often turn on the TV, and both of us are on our computers.  And that's okay every now and then, but it shouldn't become a habit.  Recent events in my family have made me more aware than ever that becoming complacent and not interacting can lead to more problems than good down the road.  So at least one week day night a week, the TV is off and the computers put away.  We're going unplugged.  We need this for the good of our relationship. 

So that's my goal this week - time management.  Scheduling out my time at work, but more importantly, blocking out my time at home.  It's going to benefit me, as well as the ones I love.  And,'s going to hopefully make  life just a little less hectic.  God-willing, of course. 

So that's my motivation...what's yours?  It's been AGES (and no, not trying to guilt anyone in doing this...ha) that I've had a fellow motivation monday-er.  So join in!  Write a post of your own, link up to this one and leave a copy of your link in a comment to this post.  Easy as pie! 

Hope everyone is having a good Monday! 

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  1. I really like the idea of unplugging the TV and computers once a week. That is definitely something that would benefit me!!


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