Thursday, August 30, 2012

Separation anxiety

So separation anxiety has hit the Nain/T/Aubrey household.  I dreaded this day.  I hate it.  Seriously, there is nothing I hate more than the cry from my baby girl when she thinks I've abandoned her.  It started off slowly.  I'd put her down in bed, while she's fast asleep, and suddenly, as she realizes she is being placed in the crib, she clings desperately to my arm as I lay her down and her face just crumbles into tears.  And my heart just breaks.  I stand there, trying to comfort her, but as soon as I do and leave the room, she starts crying.  I hate it.  And it's also when I leave the room...I'll be cleaning the house during the weekend, and if I get out of her eye sight, she cries, thinking I've abandoned her.  Suck. 
Last night, I was out of the house for my big work event, leaving T to put Aubrey to bed on his own, and apparently the little Miss did not take too well to that.  He said all night, she kept looking around, looking to the stairs, looking towards the door, fussing.  She took her bath, and normally, she splashes around all smiles and giggles, but when she looked back to see if I was there, where I normally would be if T was the one bathing her, she realized I wasn't and got all sad.  He put her to bed, and she wouldn't take her bottle and kept looking towards the door and all around the room.  When he told me all of this when I got home, I just wanted to cry.  I wanted to go wake her up and say "Mommy's here, sweetie!"  Of course, that would have been bad, but still.  I hated that feeling that she thought I abandoned her.  Of course, I know she's a kid, so yeah, she'll get over it but it still does break my heart. 
So I'm not looking forward to this phase progressing.  I miss her so much during the day, and now that I know she's aware that we're not there with her?  That is just awful.  Poor girl. 
Moms out there...this gets easier, right?  Right? 
Just one more day until our long weekend, and we get lots of Mommy/Aubrey time.  I think my heart needs that after this rough week.  Because honestly, who wouldn't want to spend time with this cutie?


  1. Maybe try comfort objects? We give Norah blankets she loves and this little Hello Kitty doll she has a thing for and she is happy as a clam (are clams really happy??). Anyhow, she is bound to start this every time you walk out of a room. I get to where I sneak by, trying to go unnoticed. Norah will be playing happily but if she sees me then she freaks out and wants me. I think when Ava was a baby I sort of trained her (still working on this with Norah) and every time I walked out of the room I would say "I will be right back." then when I returned I would say "SEE?? Here I am, I came right back." This eventually helped sooth her worry over abandoning her & helped when I had to actually leave for a duration of time too. GOOD LUCK, no this is not easy but YES it will get better :)

  2. This is one that does get better. In fact she will have days when she waves at you with a big smile on her face as she heads off to play. Sarah gives very good advice!

    Btw I am nominating you for the "Liebster Blog Award" on my blog today. Check it out =>


  3. Scrappy's a lot like that. I doubt if Aubrey'd respond to a handful of cheezy treats thrown on the floor though. Sometimes being a good parent just sucks.

  4. It does get better, but the separation anxiety can come back to haunt you. Bruiser, who has never really had a problem with this, at least when being left with family, now tells me, amid tears, that he misses me when we leave him with the baby sitter. They know just how to rip your heart out and stomp on it.


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