Monday, August 13, 2012

Motivation Monday!

Motivation Monday

Happy Motivation Monday, everyone!  Sadly, the weekend is over, but I'm starting it off by patting myself on the back.  We did a 5k on Saturday, Race Away from Domestic Violence.  T ran it pretty hard, training for his marathon and what not, and I had Miss Aubrey in her running stroller, which means I basically was pushing a 20 lb 5 oz baby plus the weight of the stroller with me.  And, I was pretty excited, I actually ran some of it.  I have to say...running outside in the elements and with a stroller?  Definitely harder than on a treadmill.  But I would pick a landmark and run towards it, walk, and then pick another landmark, run and then walk once I reached it.  It felt like death at the beginning, but as I got farther along, I actually liked the running better.  And little Aubrey was cheering me on the whole way.  Well, no, actually she was just yapping away, and secretly I was hoping she'd fall asleep...but I pretended it was her cheering me along.  My finish time was 42:15, with a 13:55 mile average.  Of course, I beat myself up about it saying I could have done better but like T pointed out, running with one of those strollers is tough.  So I totally have to pat myself on the back for that, right?

So I want to keep it up - I'm addicted now....must run more 5ks!  Well, actually I can't just yet.  In three weeks I have my mini-marathon.  Granted, I'll be running very very little of that, if any at all, depending on how hot it is that day, but I'll be practicing next weekend.  My goal is to walk 8 miles on Saturday.  It'll take a couple of hours, but I'll be walking over three during the mini-marathon so I need to get that one last long walk in.  I can do this! 

Aside from that motivation, I have several big deadlines this week.  So I'll be working hard towards those, keeping my focus as best I can.  Both are as equally difficult, so both need just a little motivation. 

So what's motivating you this week?  Join in on the motivation fun by posting one of your own...write it up and leave a link to your post in a comment.  Have a great Monday, everyone!


  1. I'm only motivated by the fact that, as I type this, it's only 5:06 PM on Sunday.

  2. The stroller changes everything for me too. It took me forever to actually RUN with it. I lose my motivation, I'm just so used to moving my arms & such. I finally broke through that barrier and started running with Norah in the mornings (much to my dismay little miss thinks getting up earlier & coming with me is more important then her sleeping in) but I go WAY slower then without her.


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