Sunday, November 3, 2013

Thankful for my blogging friends

Happy Sunday!  Today is day 3 of the thankfulness journey.  Today I am thankful for my blogging friends.  I started this blog as a way to kick start my writing, not having a clue where it would lead me, and  I've made friends that I've never met in real life but feel like I know so well.  And even a few of them have become pen pals.  My hope is that someday I can meet them in real life....maybe a trip to Spain is in order? :-)  Just saying.  So I'm going to give props to some of my blogging friends, and I encourage you to visit them and say hi.  And if I didn't include your blog it's not because I don't like you...just can't write them all!
My friend C is a friend in real life and has just started her blog.  She's a wonderful person inside and out and an even more wonderful mother.  So stop by and see her at Single Mom in Suburbia.
My Spanish friend Chloe!  I've followed Chloe since I started blogging...we both were married within months of each other and had children around the same time.  She's recently welcomed a beautiful baby boy into her world.  Stop by and say hi to her at My New Life as a Housewife!
Another friend I've followed from the get-go is Sarah at Crazy Love Gamble Style.  It's fun seeing her girls grow up, and she always shares pictures of them on their adventures.  She has 2 of the most adorable girls ever, seriously.
Gretchen at Second Blooming - She is one of the hostesses of the Spin Cycle, but she's also a great mom and a celebrity  :-)  She has recently had a part on Modern Family (which is still on my DVR and I have yet to watch...).  I always love reading her random posts and reading about her son who has one of the coolest senses of humor in a kid.
Vandy at the Testosterone Three and Me is another original one I've been reading.  She's a geologist in Wyoming and is the sole female in a house full of boys.  Stop by and say hi to her, too!  She's always got great baking recipes to share.
Leah at Single Infertile Female...Now What? is one of the bloggers I love because she's so real and lets you into her world.  I've been reading about her journey dealing with endo, the diagnosis of never having children, cycles of IVF, and she has recently been blessed with a little girl she adopted this year.  She's also now a published author and goes on speaking tours for the subject of infertility.  She's the person who got me into ModVive as well, and I definitely look up to her as a writer. 
CWMartin at Tilting at Windmills is another favorite of mine.  He's a fellow Hoosier and loyal reader of my articles, which I truly appreciate, and despite the fact we may have differing political views, he is incredibly intelligent and fair when discussing issues of importance in the news.  Very smart man, in my opinion.
Lastly, Lillian at Thinking Out-loud is one of the most spiritual and profound bloggers I know.  She likewise has become a friend and pen pal, and I always love reading her insights.
So I am thankful for all of my blogger friends - new and old.  Definitely check these people out because you'll see just how fabulous they are.


  1. It's so fun getting to know people through their blogs! I really feel like I know them, sometimes Ava will glance over my shoulder and start asking me a million questions about the people in the photos, I always easily know all the answers, it's funny how you really feel like you have a connection to someone you know only online. : )

  2. I love the way the Internet has opened the world, "meeting" people we would never have met.

    I have to admit I laughed when I read your blurb about me. Profound? Me? Oh my. Right after I laughed I realized how touched I am by your assessment. I am glad that you enjoy reading my posts. That is my goal. I don't necessarily want a ton of followers, but I do want to touch the lives of those who read my blog.

    You're a sweetie. And I owe you a letter!

    ~Lily-thinking thoughts~


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