Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Throughout the generations

Two more days, Nain, two more days!

Today I am thankful for something Aubrey has that I never got to experience or live.  Sure she may not remember it, but I am thankful for the great-grandparents that Miss Aubrey has.

I'm thankful for the ones she never got to meet here on earth.  I stand firm in my belief that she somehow crossed spirits with my Grandpa George while he was in heaven and her soul was coming down here.  I don't know....something just makes both T and myself believe it.  She looks at his picture now, rather than just saying "bye-bye!" which she has always said....this weekend, she looked at it and went "Papa!" and T said (I didn't witness this) she just babbled on and on like she was talking to the picture, like they were old friends.  She pointed out Papa to me again, too, and I told her that yes, that is Papa and he is looking down on her from heaven.  I'm thankful for the others she has watching over her in heaven, my Grandma Doris, Grandma Peggy and T's Grandpa Lou.  We will always tell her stories about how wonderful they are.

However, right now on our mantel sit two thank you notes, one from T's Nana and the other from T's Grandpa and Grandma.  We sent them pictures from our church directory photo shoot, and it touched them so much they both sent thank yous.  They just go on and on about the smile that Aubrey has that lights up a room.  I remember the look T's Nana had the first time she met Aubrey.  It was immediate love.  Aubrey shares a name with her.  When T's Grandpa and Grandma found out they were going to be Great-Grandparents, T's Grandpa came in the room where his aunt was hearing the same news and exclaimed "I'm going to be a Great-Grandpa!"  If you knew the man, you would know how unusual this kind of excitement and outburst is.  She is just surrounded with love, and I love that she gets to feel it from this generation.  


  1. SO with you on this! I love that miss Cheeks has her great grandparents around as well!

  2. There are no living great grand parents on either side of our family. But our kids have wonderful relationships with the grandparents on each side and that is very wonderful.

  3. My grandpa was able to meet my oldest daughter before he died, and he was so proud to have a great-granddaughter! I loved watching him watch her play. Such a great memory!


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