Saturday, November 2, 2013

Thankful for the weekend!

Today's post is going to be a bit of a more obvious one.  What am I thankful for?  The weekend!  Heck yes!  It's been a long week, and while I do not necessarily get the chance to sleep in per se now that I have the little one, it is nice to have moments where we do not have to do anything.  Or go anywhere necessarily.  And hey, football!  You have to love the college football!  There is nothing better than watching a nice college football game with a good fall beer.  I do get this opportunity during Aubrey's nap and after she goes to bed, though I am working on getting her to cheer for the right team.  We taught her how to say "Go Blue!" the other day for Michigan.  I'm working on the "IU" and "Hoo-hoo-hoo-Hoosiers!" chant, too, though let's be honest....that's for basketball season.  
I'm rambling, so I do apologize for that.  Anyway, no really big plans for the weekend.  Saturday will likely be one of those days where we get stuff done around the house. We also need to buy new running shoes.  As I get older I have noticed that my legs are just a little tighter and get more sore with the running (damn you, aging body!) so I need the new kicks if I'm going to train for the mini in May.  Let's drop some dough on that, baby!  Mommy needs a pair of shoes!  We may or may not brave taking Aubrey to church, though I have been tempted at the past few masses to throw her into the holy water and see what happens.  And my hope is that one of the nights we will get to enjoy a fire pit before it gets too cold.  
I should mention that Friday was our Trick or Treat night here in the Indy area.  It's Indiana so you know the weather is unpredictable, so severe weather pushed us back a day.  But honestly, I'm happier it was on a weekend night.  That means not having to rush to bed.  But man, you would not believe the way people have reacted to the change.  You'd think someone took their favorite dog out back and shot him in front of them.  And then burnt their house down.  Calm down, people, calm down.
Still rambling...sorry!  Lastly, Sunday we will be celebrating my Dad's 60th birthday at Buca di Beppo's.  You know how much I love that restaurant so I'm definitely excited for that one.  It'll be good to see family and good for Aubrey, too.  She loves her cousins so much.  Good times, good times.
So here's to the weekend!  May it be long and prosperous!  

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  1. Mmmmmm Buca di Beppo's! SO good! Haven't been there in so long!


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