Friday, November 29, 2013

Thankful for traditions

I am still in a food coma, writing this on Thursday night as T and I barely stay awake watching the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special.  So bear with me if none of this makes sense.  I'm guessing there will be a lot of rambling...anyway, despite it being Thanksgiving already, I'm going to finish out this 30 days of thanks. I start something, and dammit, I will finish it!  

Today I am thankful for traditions.  After the Aubster goes to bed on Friday, T and I will decorate.  Normally we would start earlier, but I'm not sure Aubrey would let us put up a thing without her touching every single item.  She'll be surprised when she wakes up, and we're going to have to be really creative with how we decorate this year.  I'm guessing the Belleek china nativity set will not be going out this year.  And all ornaments within her reach will be nonbreakable.  But she'll love it, I have no doubt.

It's our tradition for decorating, ever since we had our first Christmas together in the rental home back in 2009.  We make a crock pot of mulled wine and enjoy Christmas music while we set the house up.  It's not a huge tradition, but it's something we do every year.  I do love me some mulled wine.  And I always love putting up the tree.  It's so pretty, and I'm so excited to see it through her eyes and celebrate with her.

And we're only just three weeks away from another Nain and T tradition where we ditch the kid (babysitting with the Aunt), and go hit the town for a night.  I'm soooo looking forward to that tradition.  

I have to admit I love all of my holiday traditions.  I promise to have pictures! (From Thanksgiving and of course of our decorations!)

Oh and thankful I'm not crazy enough to go out into the Black Friday madness.  Um, yeah, no thanks!

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  1. I had to look up mulled wine, and my feet fell asleep! Plus, lately I have to wait forever for your background dots to go away, and an ad pops up on the right hand side of your screen. It gives you like 6 tenths of a second to click the x when it pops up, and then you're stuck with it. Hows that for random!


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