Monday, November 11, 2013

Thankful for those who serve

Today is a special day, so today I'm thankful for the veterans I know and love who have given so much to their country.  I know some very special men and women who have fought in our country's wars but also have served in noncombat as well.  Both of my grandfathers, as well T's grandfathers, fought in World War II on the Pacific front.  My father's dad was in the Army, while my mother's dad was in the Navy.  Both of T's grandfathers were in the Navy, as well.  I have the best picture of my father as a young man in his uniform posing in front of one of his ships, but no scanner ability so....I can't share.  Sorry!
I would list the other friends I know whose spouses or friends themselves who have served and still do serve, but I'm afraid that I would miss someone, and then I'd look awful.  So just know that you all are in my thoughts today, and I say thank you for all that you do.  Because it's selfless and well, pretty awesome if you ask me.  
I think I've told this story before, but I love it so I will tell it again.  My Grandpa George told this to me after my Mom found a picture of my Grandmother and had it blown up to an 8x10 so he could have it in his house.  He kept it in his room up until he passed, and he always pointed it out to us saying "she was quite the dandy, wasn't she?"  He said he was out to sea, and he kept this picture of my Grandma next to his bed.  They had to abandon ship at some point as the Japanese army was close to invading their ship.  I believe they did and took various items from the ship and after my Grandfather was allowed to get back, that picture was gone.  So someone must have thought my Grandma was pretty, as well, because they have her picture.  He was so excited my Mom found a copy.
I never met my Dad's father, my Grandpa Robert, but I was told that while he was in basic training he married my Grandma.  She came out to where he was stationed and they were married.  He did not want to leave her just yet so despite the fact he was to join his group after the one day, he skipped one more day to spend more time with her before he returned.  Upon his returned he was ordered to punishment of peeling potatoes for the kitchen staff, but it was well worth the punishment.
Such sweet stories.  I love hearing about them.  I'm so proud to have grandfathers who served, and it was so touching at my Grandpa George's funeral two years ago to have the salute by the local VFW.  He was so brave to serve and because of his service he was able to put himself through school at Rose Hulman Institute.  Very proud granddaughter.
Thank you to all of you Veterans - those I know and those I don't.  

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  1. What a great story. I don't mean to down it, but it reminds me of when my last job (patio replacement cushions for K-Mart, etc.) started making Martha Stewart Everyday labeled items. The POP tags had a nice (and I'm guessing) much younger picture of Martha (this was 15-odd years ago). The Mexicans who had just started to make up the majority of our workforce were CUTTING THE PICTURE OUT OF THE TAGS AND PUTTING THEM IN THEIR WALLETS! I shudder to think the reasoning behind THAT.


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